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Magic School, Inc

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MagicSchool AI is a generative AI system specifically designed and trained with education needs in mind. It provides access to over 50+ tools for educators to use including lesson plan and unit plan generators, a standards unpacker, and several tools designed to help teachers differentiation lesson material and activities. Using MagicSchool AI provides educators with numerous benefits: 1) saves time in lesson planning and content adjustment/creation, 2) because it is trained for education specifically its output more closely aligns with education goals and purposes than standard generative AI tools, and 3) allows experimentation with new strategies and activities that might normally take hours to plan. This is an exceptional tool to help our overburdened educators.

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I have been using MagicSchool AI for several months, have taken all their training, and am a MagicSchool AI Pioneer and have designed several trainings that can be used throughout the district.



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District Staff, No Stu

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Gen Ed, incl. SpEd

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