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Our ELD Program staff meet state requirements for maintaining Multilingual Learner records utilizing a combination of student data grids from School Data Solutions, CEDARS, and QMLATIV. We update these reports manually offline daily--every time a new enrollment qualifies for ELD services, a schedule change is made, services are altered, etc. This is all kept offline and shared via email. However, this data is ever changing and must be mined and manually calculated whenever needed. The data needs include: continually updated numbers of MLs by proficiency levels, grade levels, languages, and services; numbers of monitored exits and their supports; Title III vs. TBIP students, and needed areas of focus. The platform also allows creation of ML student profiles (IEPs for language), parent notification letters, & more

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Deployment would include a late-spring and over summer rollout. ELLevation is designed to integrate seamlessly into QMLATIV and is currently being widely used across WA state and the U.S. to maintain dynamic ML student records, identify areas of need for action and support, and streamline ML caseload paperwork for accuracy, automaticity and functionality.



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