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Lupa provides students the chance to engage with authentic listening sources in Spanish, and to add scaffolding according to their own needs. Students can create vocabulary banks, speed up or slow down playback, read along with a transcript in Spanish or English, and even select how much of the transcript they want visible, if they are seeking a more challenging experience. The teacher pages come with listening comprehension activities and projects that students can complete on their own or in collaboration. Ideally, I would assign selections from the content 2 or 3 times a month and students could begin work on them in class, finishing up as homework. The app vastly increases productivity by giving me access to authentic sources with prepared activities - something I can do, but which is highly time consuming.

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Lupa is a supplemental listening resource for AP Spanish, Heritage Spanish, and Spanish 5/6, consisting of 150 Spanish language podcasts on a variety of topics, representing speakers from a range of Spanishspeaking countries. Lupa is a highly engaging authentic resource used to assist students in deepening their mastery of Spanish. The app supports the ACTFL / Washington Association for Language Teaching (WAFLT) world readiness standards.



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