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This is a "create you own comics" website. It offers high engagement and motivation to students to create their own stories, to practice English in a child friendly, creative format, there are ESOL supports, comic frames, ELD activities and lesson plan ideas, cloze activities for students. Students choose their characters, artifacts, onomatopoeias, transition phrases, speech and thought bubbles. The site features translation tools in thirteen languages. Students may also choose to create their own greeting cards, a menu of at least a hundred printables for kids, many of which are SEL focused, there is a menu of supports for special needs students. Student created comics could serve as alternative assessments for ELA tasks and content understandings. This would be great for all kids, especially ELL students, at any grade or proficiency level. The Mission Statement is:Empowering You To Express Your Ideas and Stories in Comix! The site is endorsed by The American Library

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