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The online whiteboard tool allows a teacher to create a master whiteboard, and then creates a url for students to join that whiteboard "room" where they each have their own individual whiteboard that only the teacher can see. There is a free version that works perfectly well for students to show their work (yay!!), but the subscriptions allow teachers to save whiteboards, upload PDFs to annotate, give students feedback directly to their whiteboard, and so much more. There is a great application here for SpEd teachers & staff working with students in a general education setting to have a working session along with the main Zoom class, as well as SpEd classes being able to complete Direct Instruction curriculum. With the free trial of the premium version, I was able to push PDFs/word documents/pictures to my students to have them fill in (used them like graphic organizers). The options available for colors, shapes, etc allow for student creativity.

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T&L approved another whiteboard software to integrate with our video conferencing and LMS.



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