Microsoft TEAMS SMS Texting Function

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Vendor Name

Approved Contact, LLC

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Available in DORA

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An Add-In to MS Teams -- app name is Text. This add-in allows users to send text messages into your business that get delivered into Microsoft Teams. Replies to their text messages are typed into Teams then our Text bot sends your replies to the text number it was received from.

IT Approved

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Teaching & Learning Approved

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LSS / Assistive Tech Approved

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CAC Approved

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OT A MS APPLICATION. 3rd party system, running an application that ties into Teams. Vendor is "Approved Contacts", and is known to use PII, sell information. Network Department has concerns based on this level of integration, as application and data it has access to. Privacy and application Data use as listed in Microsoft Store is not validated by Microsoft, but from the vendors own submission. Please see referenced URLS in form for more details. ND recommendation is to deny based



Intended Users:

District Staff, No Stu

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User Details:

Entire District, P-12

User Accounts:

Staff Only

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